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Nicole Smith (Left) and Kithy Ranga (Right) are the Founders of Women Offering Wealth (W.O.W.).

Women Offering Wealth is an organization geared around serving the community with a concentration on women and women minority businesses within the Maryland, DC and Virginia area. These two remarkable women through their organization offer education and training to Women on how to utilize W.O.W Wealth Principles I.e. Wellness, Endurance, Activism, Leadership, Teamwork and Health to discover essential life practices and develop relationships within W.O.W Organization.

The Women of W.O.W. journey together started in 2016 where Nicole and Kithy who were both in the financial industry working as Life and Health Insurance Producers responded to each other’s’ online ad about Financial Education. From the in-depth conversation, both ladies wanted to partner up and gear their efforts towards helping the community with an emphasis on women beyond just financial.

“As Insurance Producers, we often sit down with families, couples, and individuals about making sure that they are fully covered with insurances and giving them the fundamentals of how to save and invest their money. But it was from the conversations that we had with our clients that made us realize that having wealth doesn’t necessarily mean just financial but in other aspects too. Being wealthy comes in direct accordance with a person’s overall well-being; how they endure through trials and tribulations; giving back to the community with activism; being a leader by just voicing their opinions; the capability of working amongst a group of people and finally having a healthy heart.”

  ~Nicole Smith; Co-Founder

W.O.W. is dedicated to giving back to the community through events and workshops which are the heart and forefront of the WOW Women Offering Wealth Organization. It’s the optimum opportunity to outreach to the community directly and their members in a way that’s more personal.



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