In 2018, ALSTNTEC will launch a new program called the Career Development Enrichment  and Program (CDEP). The primary mission of this program is to:

  • Reduce unemployment rates through early career preparation that will get them “hire ready” and working for an approved hiring agency;
  • Reduce the rate of college dropouts by assisting students and working professionals with choosing the correct degree program before enrollment; and
  • Provide a platform for adults, youth, or individuals with workforce challenges to pursue and complete a college degree via the scholarship program
Be Prepared and Bounce Back

Obtaining a career is a difficult process. Therefore, we want to give our attendees the tools, knowledge, and skills to obtain the career of their choice. We also want to help those pursing a college degree choose the correct degree program the first time. First, we recognize that many high school students who enroll in college do not always have adequate information about how their degree program. As a result, they end up choosing the wrong degree program and unable to obtain a job quickly after graduation.  Second, many seasoned professionals who have gone back to school in pursuit of a college degree are facing similar challenges. Most often, they are trying to stay competitive in their field, pursuing a promotion, or changing careers. This can cause an increase in dropout rates and an increased occurrence of choosing the wrong employment resulting in risk of unemployment. Third, new career seekers with challenged backgrounds are also finding it difficult to find employment due to lack of skills and experience or special lifestyle situations.  We aim to help resolve these problems through our new CDEP program.

Become A Sponsor Today and Let Us Raise The Bar To Success!

The benefits of sponsoring a workshop or an event let our customers know that you care about their future. Your investment supports our continued efforts to teach career preparation, empowerment, and mentoring services as well as help provide needed tools and resources to the community. Other benefits include:

  • National Sponsorship Recognition
  • Marketed on our website, social media platforms, and digital marketing on all national channels
  • Organizational Name or Logo marketed on all workshop materials
  • Organizational Name or Logo banner displayed at workshop events.
  • Inclusion in our video marketing during the BMWOC annual events (Gold/Corporate Sponsors)
  • Mention in each BMWOC podcast recording (Gold/Corporate Sponsors)
  • Inclusion or VIP access to exclusive Business Events
  • Exposure to potential clients and access to our business network.

I invite you to join Leidos and members of the BMWOC podcast business sponsors as an ALSTNTEC Corporate Career Sponsor today.  Please contact me today to donate today.


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