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Proving Yourself You Can Do It: Military, Technology, 5K Run and Author

I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. I was raised by my Mother, her sister and their parents. I was my parents’ only child. We lived with my Grandparents. I attended and finished from Chicago Public School. Where I had to stand my ground with the other kids at school, a lot of it was due to my light complexion. When I got to the age where a girl needed her mother. My mother wasn’t available to me. A lot of things I had to find out the not the easiest way. There has been some people that have told me, throughout my life, that I will never amount to anything.

I went away to school for two years, but finished at DeVry, Chicago. I obtained my Bachelor degree in Computer Information Systems. I got a job, working downtown Chicago, for a company. I was able to obtain my own first apartment within 6 months of employment. Then after a year and half working there, my company filed Chapter 13. I was one of the majority employees that was laid off. I didn’t want to move back in my Mother’s house. So, I decided to join the Navy Reserves.

I didn’t know at that time, that I would travel all over the world. That I would spend considerable time living overseas. I am a recipient of Iraq Freedom Medal. I spent 14 years in the US Navy Reserves. After my last deployment to Kuwait/Iraq, I decided to relocate to Marietta, Georgia. I was tired of living in Chicago and the cold weather. I have gone from wearing combat boots in the sandbox to wearing heals in Corporate America. It wasn’t an easy road. But I made it. Some people have disliked me due to my complexion, abrasiveness and that I am a female veteran. People can be cruel. So, I took all the lemons that were throw at me and made lemonade out of it. I have participated in various 5k walk/run in the Atlanta area, such as, March for Babies, Diabetes, Devine Nine, Cancer to raise money for their causes. I found the GOD of my understanding, Jesus Christ. I joined and serve at church faithfully. I went back to school and got certified in my field. I am in the process of publishing my 1st book next month. I have written 3 articles for 3 different magazines, so far.

I come to find my calling is to inspire women of all nationalities of all ages. No matter what you came from or what you been through. You are designed by GOD to be somebody of importance. You don’t need a man to validate you or anybody else. You are a child of GOD. You can do anything thru Christ Jesus.

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