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The Business Men and Women of Color Podcast Series represents a diverse group of individuals from all creed, color and background from across the country who exemplifies the professional talent and expertise in their field. We are all people of color. For eight (8) weeks, you will have the opportunity to participate in this extraordinary platform to raise the awareness of small businesses, motivational speakers, and authors. We share trends and changes that affect how we do business now and in the future. This podcast also inspires industry information for career seekers and college students who are entering their line of work. When you join the BMWOC community, you are part of a larger mission that is enhancing and changing lives all over the world.

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🔥🔥🔥🔥 Well, we made it to the last week of the BMWOC season and with just one week left, there is a game changer in the house. Last week the top interview changed with Nesi S. Ewing still holding on to the ✔️top 5 spot with her interview Changing the Life and Mindset of my Clients Keep Me Going followed by (in no particular order)

Stacy Ardis Dyson - Keys to the World: Poetry of our Ancestors,
Maggie Perotin - Leaders are Made: Learn to be a great One
Sarah Wolfer - Girl Boss and Leadership for Women Soccer Coaches
Nicole Smith - Helping People Take Advantage of their WEALTH Principles.

✔️Top Page Likes:

1. Maggie Perotin - Leaders are Made: Learn to be A Great One
2. Corporate Sponsor Kimberly McLemore - Building a Business Foundation for the 21st Century
3. SheNesi Ewing - Changing the Life and Mindset of my clients Keep Me Going
4. Dr. George Fraser Black Exceptionalism: Educating to Retain Wealth
5. Leroy Mckenzie Jr - Make Publishing a Part of Your Lifestyle

✔️Top Page Likes:

Corporate Sponsor Tamica Sears: Diversity and Inclusion - Accepting Your Authentic Self
Nicole Smith - Helping People Take Advantage of their WEALTH Principles
Wynta Milton Speaks - Military Leadership Led me to Practicing SMART Goals
SheNesia Ewing - Changing the Life and Mindset of my Clients Keep Me Going
Corporate Sponsor Kimberly McLemore - Building a Foundation for the 21st Century

✔️Top Page likes/views (to date)

SheNesia Ewing
Tamica Sears
Kimberly McLemore
Kyesha Williams
Byren Lloyd

Top Page Views:
Maggie Perotin
Mina Izadjoo
SheNesia Ewing
Nicole Smith

✔️Top Countries:
USA, Romania, and Germany

✔️Top: Cities
Pottstown, PA, Lanham, MD, Clifton, NJ

Just two more weeks to go!

It's anyone's game. Keep going and #bepartofthemovement I will be sending out new promotions and don't forget to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel where your interview is available for playback!

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